Our office provides legal advice through an outstanding group of consultants specialized in the legal field. Al Noor Lawyers and Legal Consultants is distinguished by its keeping pace with the developments and technologies of the times. In this accelerated age, each of us needs to know his rights, duties and legal stance towards a matter or project submitted to him, very quickly and with great accuracy.

Therefore, we took care of this point and did not limit ourselves to the traditional methods of communication between us and our clients eager to take legal advice on a subject, as traditionally any client who has legal advice should go to the law firm that specializes in that. As for us, the matter is different, as you can send legal advice to our office through the website explaining all the details related to it. One of our specialized consultants will review it and express a legal opinion on it supported by the provisions of law, and then send it to you by e-mail or fax, taking into account ensuring the confidentiality of all data and information contained in the consultation.

You can make an appointment to meet with one of our legal advisors in the following ways:

1- Personal attendance
By making an appointment at the department of appointments using the methods shown on the home page.

2- Making an appointment
Using smart communication methods (remotely)
Please send an email with the name and type of advice required.
You will be provided with approved fees and programs.

The UAE is witnessing every day more development and the establishment of projects and the work of companies, and this requires you to be fully aware of all the rules, legal requirements and government procedures necessary to complete this task, so that you do not encounter a problem unintentionally impeding the effective start of the company or project.

Hence, you should steadily strive to search for a professional and expert lawyer or legal advisor to cross you smoothly through all the required legal procedures. It fills your gaps in terms of knowledge of the local culture of the United Arab Emirates in general and Abu Dhabi in particular, as the lack or shallow knowledge of that culture may lead to the project not achieving the purpose for which it will be established.

Al Noor Lawyers and Legal Consultants assists and supports all persons or companies who wish to start their investment activity in the United Arab Emirates, regardless of the nature or type of activity or project to be undertaken. We carry out all incorporation procedures; including drafting the memorandum of association, completing registration procedures with the competent authorities, obtaining all necessary licenses and approvals, and working as a legal advisor for the company and defending it in cases brought by or against it.



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